Resumes for Massage Therapists

Do you work full-time as a licensed massage therapist? Part-time? Seasonal? Side-by-side with a completely different industry?

Writing a massage therapist resume can be difficult because of how many licensed massage therapists have a hybrid career:

  • Licensed Massage Therapist/Esthetician

  • Licensed Massage Therapist/Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Licensed Massage Therapist/Office Manager

Have your resume professionally written.

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Average Annual Salaries According to Glassdoor:

Registered Massage Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, & Certified Massage Therapist: $43,000

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Samples of Licensed Massage Therapist Resumes

What makes Anthony Pascale, LMT qualified to write my massage therapy resume?

  • 12+ years as a licensed massage therapist.

  • 8,000+ hours of hands-on experience.

  • 3+ years experience writing professional resumes.

  • 600+ hours of massage therapy CE.

  • Held licenses in 7 states. Experienced with preparing a multitude of professional documents.

  • Worked as a recruiter for massage therapists.

  • Taught career development and resume writing as a massage therapy teacher.

  • Trained web developer and digital marketer who understands ins and outs of technical aspects.

  • Associate’s degree in business, bachelor’s degree in computer information systems.

    So how does any of this help you?

    In a nutshell, I have the experience, education, training, drive, ability, and insights to tell your professional story in the right way and help you get the job!

Are you a/an:

  • Current student of massage therapy?

  • Part-time massage therapist looking for more work?

  • Full-time massage therapist looking for a new job?

  • Experienced massage therapist looking to become a teacher?

  • Independent contractor working part-time as a massage therapist and full-time in an office?

  • Massage therapy teacher?

  • Massage therapist looking to travel and/or work seasonally?

  • Massage therapist moving to another state?

I can go on and on naming off descriptions.

The bottom line

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*Schedule a FREE 30-minute phone call to go over your current resume and career goals and we will take it from there!